Personal Reflection

The Garden Vine


Vida totally enjoyed her life until she realized it was taking her in an unexpected direction. That new direction confused and frightened her. She resorted to complaining because it wasn’t what she wanted. She was happier with how her life was going before.


In time, however, she realized that if she spent some time thinking about it, she would have identified the blessing. Thankfully, it wasn’t too late for her to turn her frown into true gratitude.


That's likely how life is for you sometimes. You're fine with how things are going, and completely disappointed when they change. It's important, however, to find the blessing in each situation you encounter.


Changes in life usually mean better things are on the way for you. Take the time to identify what those better things are and be thankful for them.


When it's difficult for you to see where a new road leads, have faith that it leads to positivity. Be grateful for the opportunity to experience new things. Appreciate that your situation is one that many others wish for.


Use each moment you have to focus on the good things in front of you. The more time you spend embracing blessings, the more blessings come your way.