The Short Story

The Garden Vine


Vida, the creeping vine, enjoyed sharing the garden with all the other plants. They all got lots of sun and were gently cared for by their owner, Melanie.


One day, however, Vida noticed that she was growing much faster and far away from the other plants. While they continued to grow upwards from the ground, she started to spread across the back wall.


"Hey, Vida" remarked Ruben Rose, "Where are you heading to? Don’t you want to be our friend anymore?"


"Of course I want to," replied Vida. "But I'm not sure what's happening to me!" She continued in a disappointed tone, "Oh, I wish I was growing like you guys are!"


One day while Vida was busy bemoaning the fact that she was so different, Melanie came into the garden. When she looked up and saw that Vida was covering the back wall with lush greenery, she shrieked with excitement.


"Oh my goodness! How beautiful!" she exclaimed. "I've been waiting so long for the back wall to look like this. I'm so happy I planted a vine!"


When Vida heard this, she was suddenly filled with gratitude for her uniqueness. She had no idea that what was happening to her would bring so much joy to Melanie, and so much beauty to the garden!


"Now I know better than to complain about what I have," she said to herself. "From now on, I'll be sure to find the blessing in everything and be thankful."


Melanie spent many days showing her friends just how beautiful her garden was because of her vine.


When things seem like they aren't going your way, be patient and grateful for all your blessings anyway.